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Team update
by posted 01/10/2020

Parents - below is a quick update on the team thus far in the season.


This has been a great season thus far. 


The boys have gelled together, get along and formed friendships, and communicate and play as an unselfish team. They’ve learned to play good defense, rebound, make passes and execute plays on offense.


We’ve had some very good success too as we are 4-0, even beating a very good team last week by over 20 points with only 5 kids (no subs).


Chris and I couldn’t be more proud of this team. It’s a special team and a tight knit group.


Beginning next week (week of 1/13) we’ll begin preparing for zone defense and presses. Up to this point we’ve only been allowed to play man to man defense and can only press at the last 2 minutes of every game. Starting with the game on 1/18, teams will be allowed to run zone defense and press the entire time (unless they are up by 10 or more points).


I expect teams to play zone defense against us, which will present us challenges on the offensive end, and basically take away our ability to drive to the basket and score easy layups.


So, starting next week we’ll prepare for the zone defense and presses we may encounter and institute a zone defense of our own.


As a reminder, there is a game tomorrow at 10:15 in Flanders. Please have the boys arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior and please let us know if your son can’t attend. Please do this for every game going forward as well.


Thanks again!


Coaches Bill and Chris



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