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Now that ELYB season is in full swing we ask that everyone please familiarize themselves with the rules of facilities we are using.  As you know the use of the various Gyms throughout the town is the lifeline of our program and a loss or the use of any facility would be devastating.  Below is the usage information for our facilities. 

Thank you,

ELYB Board Members


ELYB Facilities Usage information

East Lyme High School

On the night that Youth Basketball will be using the ELHS Gyms the only entrance will be through the glass doors to the lobby of the Athletic wing.  No students are to be in any other part of the school.  If they are found wandering in other parts of the school by security, they will be ask to leave the building.  We are having this issue with other programs in the school. 

Also the bleachers are not to be pulled out during practices.  The EL Chairs on the racks in the North Gym are also off limits.  Chairs are not allowed in the N. gym due to the damage they can do to the gym floor. (we only allow 2 chairs in the N. gym).

No food is allowed in the North or South gym.  Drinks only. 

LBH School

Starting and Ending Times:

  • Players and Coaches enter the,building no earlier than 10 minutes before session begins and must wait in the Lobby
    • (No earlier than 5:50 p.m.)
  • Games and practices need to end by 9:00 p.m. unless a game goes in to overtime
  • Coaches, Players and Parents need to leave the building so custodians can close building properly
    • (No later than 9:15 p.m.)

Safety Guidelines:

  • All Coaches, Players and Parents must enter and leave the building through the main entrance
  • Parents or Coaches must supervise players at all times
  • No player is allowed in Gym without Coach or Parent
  • No one should be on the Stage or sitting on mats on the Stage
  • No throwing or bouncing basketballs outside Gym
  • Leave lockers in hallway alone

Health Guidelines:

 Food and beverages are not permitted in Gym (only water)

  • Trash must be thrown away in the container at Gym entrance
  • Food must be consumed in Lobby with all trash thrown away in trash containers
  • Beverages other than water must be consumed in Lobby

Facility Guidelines:

  • Chairs and tables need to be returned after session is completed
  • Only chairs with plastic protectors are permitted in Gym
  • Use only the Lavatories in the Lobby
  • Coaches are responsible for returning Gym. to original condition (i.e. make certain facility is left clean, items left behind are placed in storage area, etc.)


Note:  These guidelines must be reviewed and adhered to by all Coaches, Players and Parents.






  • All Facilities must be restored to original condition (ie. usable, clean and orderly). Groups using the facility are responsible for any damage incurred.

  • The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled drugs on school property is prohibited. The use of tobacco/vapor products is not allowed in school facilities or on school grounds.

  • Use of materials, equipment and facilities shall be limited to those requested and approved on the Request for Facility/Field Use form.

  • Activities are cancelled when school is closed. The applicant is responsible for notifying participants of program cancellations due to weather or conflict with school activities.

  • When school is not in session during the school year for a holiday or a recess, there are no activities in the building.

  • Curfew for all non-school related activities is 9:00PM during the week. All participants must be out of the building by this time.

  • All groups using the facilities must have an on-site adult supervisor who shall be present and responsible until all participants have departed. The person’s name shall be listed on the request form.



  • The gym and MPR are standing room only, bring your own chair if needed.

  • Bleachers are off limits and refrain from opening or sitting on the top row of bleachers.

  • The stairs to the stage and the stage are also off limits.

  • Watch your children if you are observing practices or games. Children should not be left without adult/parent supervision at any time.

  • Do not roam the school. We are limited to the gym, hallway connecting the gym and MPR, and the MPR.



  • Parking located in the rear of building.

  • Gym and MPR entrance located underneath covered area next to handicap parking areas.

  • MPR located through hallway found to at the back left of the gym.

  • Boys and Girls lockers located in the gym hallway located to the right.

  • Family bathroom located in same hallway across from Boys and Girls lockers

  • Additional two bathrooms located near MPR in hallway connecting gym and MPR.

  • See map on next page for access and layout

Flanders School

We have received complaints in the past from the Flanders staff regarding bouncing basketballs in in the hallways and throwing balls off the walls and ceiling when waiting to practice.  Parents, players and Coaches need to ensure this does not happen as use of the gyms is the life line of our program.  If you see someone not following the rules please coach them, it does not matter if it is not your child or a kid on a different team we all need to share in this responsibility as it affects all of us.  Additionally, if you practice at 6:00 pm please do not arrive early and loiter in the halls or enter the gym before 6:00 pm.  This it a distraction to the after school programs and has been the cause of many issues in the past.  It does not matter if the gym is empty, we do not enter until 6:00 pm.

 Food and beverages are not permitted in Gym (only water)

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Niantic Center School

Gym usage is contingent upon portable basketball hoops being returned to their positions in the corner of the gym each evening.  This has been an ongoing problem in the past.  The hoops are extremely heavy and our custodian is unable to move them himself the next morning.  If the hoops are not returned each evening, Parks and Recreation will not ve allowed to use the Niantic Center School gym.  Also, siblings of children who are practicing are to remain in the gym with the adults.  They are not permitted to run around the hallways unsupervised.  We trust you will be respectful of our school and adhere to the above conditions.

Food and beverages are not permitted in Gym (only water)

Thank you,
Niantic Center School Staff.